Il possesso (1):
gli aggettivi possessivi

1. Scegli l’aggettivo possessivo corretto selezionandolo con il mouse.

John and brother are from San Francisco.


  1. - Hi, I’m Sergio. What’s name?
    - Hi, Sergio. My name’s Chuck.

  2. Hello, name’s Rosa. What’s your name?

  3. This is my sister Jane, and this is friend Charlotte.

  4. This is an Australian tree. fruit is really delicious.

  5. This is Clyde’s English teacher, Mr Susa. family is from Italy.

  6. John and Lisa? No, I can’t remember surname.

  7. Look at that dog and puppies.

  8. - Is this coat, Rita?
    - Yes, that is my coat. Thank you.

  9. - Dr. Humphrey, is this umbrella?
    - No, it isn’t.

  10. - That is brother.
    - Oh, really? Your brother is very good looking.

  11. I live in London with parents.

  12. - Mr Read, is this hat?
    - Yes, it is.

  13. This is an English book. I know author.

2. Inserisci l’aggettivo possessivo corretto.

Jane is Irish, but husband is Greek.


  1. Mr Harper is short, but brother is tall.

  2. Jane and Bill are in the kitchen, but parents are in the living room.

  3. John is an doctor, but sister is an accountant.

  4. I am a teacher, but brothers and sisters are musicians.

  5. Sam and Peter are intelligent, but parents are stupid.

  6. Clarinda is rich, but friends are poor.

  7. Helen is beautiful, but boyfriend is ugly.

  8. You are fun, but friends are boring.

  9. The cat is black, but kittens are white.

3. Formula la domanda in base alla risposta.

? She’s a secretary.


  1. ? He’s a policeman.

  2. ? They’re waiters.

  3. ? She’s a bank manager.

  4. ? We’re teachers.

  5. ? He’s a chef.

  6. ? I’m a veterinarian.

  7. ? They’re driving instructors.

  8. ? She’s a chemist.

  9. ? He’s a violinist.

  10. ? They’re painters.